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In the digital age of video and audio, books often get scoffed at. Online articles and YouTube tutorials seem like more efficient ways to obtain information. However, these sources pale in comparison to the detail and volume of information found in books. If you’re looking to increase the size and quality of your harvests or learn about the health benefits and history of the herb, books are invaluable tools.

Books also keep your attention locked in. When browsing the internet for cannabis information, it’s too tempting to open another tab and begin scrolling social media and checking your emails. In contrast, slowly turning the page of a good book—joint in hand—tames the brain and immerses you into a world of new information. The mind evolves after reading a book, and your perception of cannabis will be forever changed.

The cannabis book market is booming. The available tomes cover every topic within the field. No matter what you’re looking for, a host of contemporary and classic authors have got you covered.

Blue Slush

Before we begin looking at individual strains, it’s important, that we understand the northern climate and what grow conditions we’re dealing with.

“Northern climate” is a term that loosely refers to any climate of the northern hemisphere. These conditions are very generalised by cold winters and relatively cool summers, but obviously vary between different parts of the northern hemisphere.

Regular cannabis depends on its photoperiod for flowering, and is also seasonal. That means, that northern growers will usually germinate seeds between April and May and collect their harvests between October and November.