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Buy cannabis Vancouver is perhaps most often stereotyped for its hallucinogenic effects. While hallucinations are possible, they happen rarely and don’t occur in all users. But the symptoms of weed, such as time distortion, are also part of a hallucination. 

Hallucinogens are substances that alter your perception of reality, either through changes in your sensory perception or visual or auditory hallucinations. 

Keep in mind that hallucinations and paranoia, which is associated with stimulants, are different things. While hallucinations are false perceptions of objects, events, or senses, paranoia involves a false idea that’s usually accompanied by suspicion.

For example, a hallucination might make you see the person walking in front of you as an animal. Paranoia, on the other hand, might make you think the person has been following you in order to harm you.

Buy cannabis Vancouver

Canada’s federal cannabis regulator is launching new consultations that signal future changes to marijuana possession equivalency limits, including higher possession caps for cannabis beverages. The Health Canada consultation announced Friday could also pave the way for product labeling that displays more cannabinoid information as well as tweaks to the regulatory regime for small-scale cultivation, processing and nursery businesses. Potential regulatory changes resulting from the consultation could help Canada’s cannabis industry by reducing purchasing limits of infused beverages and providing more mandatory labeling information for consumers. The 30-day clock to submit feedback started Friday, Dec. 11, meaning any updated regulations could be in store for January at the earliest.