Jupiter jack strain

The overall high of Jupiter jack strain OG lingers in the user’s body for at least an hour or two. On that note, the strain is ideally recommended as an evening medication or a night time treat.


For a strain that exudes so much power, one can also expect it to give off an equally prominent aroma. To be more specific, Jupiter OG has a strong skunky smell that can also be likened to the pungent aroma of fuel – a trait that seamlessly represents its OG lineage.


Jupiter OG embodies a classic weed flavor that most users find pleasantly overpowering. Its overall taste can be further described as a pungent mixture of earth and skunk. This can be an acquired taste to some, but for seasoned users, such combination of flavors is truly incomparable.

Adverse Reaction

If one decides to smoke Jupiter OG, its potency is not the only thing that any user should be worried about. Just like any other strain in the market, Jupiter OG also has the potential of causing some adverse reactions. Hence, users are also advised to be watchful of any signs of side effects.

Jupiter jack strain

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