Kanha NANO Galactic Grape Indica

These are interesting times we are living through, effecting each of us in different ways. Many of us are seeking ways to cope with excessive stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Others are looking for an elevated boost from the fog of uncertainty. Cannabis offers a variety of solutions to address how you feel.

While some may continue to find relief with familiar vape and flower products, Kanha NANO Galactic Grape Indica has seen an increased interest in edible products, as some seek alternatives to inhaling their cannabis. Below we offer our top five edible choices for your cannabis consumption.

You will notice that gummies dominate the list of edible choices. There are several reasons why this is the case. As their popularity grows, manufacturers are offering cannabis gummies in an expanding variety of terpene profiles, strains, and flavors. There is something for everyone with products that include Sativa and Indica dominant strains, hybrids, CBD only, and everything in between.

Kanha NANO Galactic Grape Indica

For most people, the mention of cannabis edibles immediately conjures images of magic brownies and heavy-handed chocolate chip cookies. These days, though, THC-packed edibles have gotten a lot more creative than these classic confections. As adult-use and medical legalization spread to new states every year, licensed edible producers have expanded past classic sugar and fat-focused baked goods. From infused salad dressings and cold brew coffee to dinner parties featuring CBD and THC-laced food, the new era of marijuana edibles is filled with endless options and opportunities. 

When it comes to sweet treats with a cannabis kick in 2020, perfectly dosed desserts can now get you stoned without adding a sugar high or consuming animal byproducts. That’s right, whether it’s pastries, gummies, or chocolate bars, there are a variety of vegan weed edibles available at dispensaries across the country. Now, you may be asking “Is weed vegan?” and the answer is a resounding “Yes!” But all edibles are not made equally, and some cannabis-infused goodies are packed with non-vegan ingredients like milk and eggs.