Kanha Sativa Pineapple Gummies

Who doesn’t love cannabis edibles https://mj420.delivery/product/kanha-sativa-pineapple-gummies-100mg/? They’re delicious, they’re a very discreet way of consuming cannabis, and they deliver a potent high that lasts for hours. 

It seems like most edibles manufacturers are focused on chocolates, cookies, and brownies. We get it; we love a sweet treat as much as anyone. But sometimes you want a tart, tangy snack that will still get you stoned. We here at Nugg love all kinds of cannabis edibles, and we’re thrilled to share this rundown of our favorite cannabis-infused gummies. 

Kanha Sativa Pineapple Gummies

Living along the central coast we are used to going on hikes beneath the redwoods and taking visitors on that famous drive on Highway 1 from Santa Cruz to Big Sur to marvel at the beauty of nature. 

What we usually don’t see and what the wildfires raging across the state have brought to our attention is the vulnerability of those patches of wilderness where wildlife and entire ecosystems are able to thrive, but whose very wild nature is under threat by increasing impacts caused by visitors. 

Case in point, the Dolan Fire that has burned nearly 130,000 acres in Big Sur as of Wednesday, September 23, when it was 44% contained. Officials believe the Dolan Fire was caused by suspected arson. A man has been arrested.