Landscape Design Services in Santa Barbara

The favorite technique of many designers is to make a brook. Ideally, if there is a key or a natural stream, and if not, it can be organized. It is not difficult if you have a pond to which water will be supplied. A stream can run from it to your garden or garden. This is both beautiful and practical: the watering system will be a design element, not pipes that you have to hide somehow. This idea is especially easy to implement on slopes. Even if it is small – just a few degrees – you can make good use of the natural relief. You can read about how to make a waterfall on the site here.

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Landscape Design Services

By the way, a garden can also be decorative, and it does not have to be hidden. True, greenhouses will not be a decoration of the site, but they can be placed behind trees.

Between these and other buildings and zones there are places planned for flowerbeds, flower beds, alpine hills, rockeries, mountaineering, etc. Their shape, size, type of fence, species composition of plants and the scheme of their planting are determined. It is clear that without experience it is not easy and there will be a lot of alterations, but it is important to start with something. Changes in plantings are made almost continuously, so that the landscape design with their own hands will create more than one year, and not even three: after all, you will use and perennials, and they grow slowly.