What is CBD Shatter? Shatter is a form of CBD concentrate made from pure CBDisolate infused with plant derived terpenes. Shatter is a parallel product to our crumble; however, it is made with pure CBD instead of broad spectrum distillate.

Shatters CBD is just one form of dabs, the catch-all term for marijuana concentrates produced by extracting cannabinoids like THC and CBD, the plant’s psychoactive chemicals. Other well-known forms include “budder,” which has a creamier, wax-like consistency, and oils, which are golden and honey-like. For all dabs, extraction involves running a solvent — usually butane, carbon dioxide, or propane — through marijuana buds to pull out the cannabinoids, then evaporating the solvent and gathering the resins left behind. The term “shatter” is derived from the fact that the leftover resin is often cooled into a glassy sheet, similar to boiled caramel hardening into candy. When dropped, the sheet — surprise — shatters. On the street, users are more likely to buy it in a thick, taffy-like form that sells for $60-70 per gram.

CBD Shatter contains a high concentration of CBD, and is preferred by experienced users and people who may suffer from chronic medical issues. Dabbing involves superheating the shatter and inhaling the vapor. This allows you to take in large quantities of CBD quickly through the lungs without any harmful smoke and tar.


Do CBD dabs get you high? Not exactly. CBD dabs will either contain very little or absolutely no THC, the cannabinoid that gets you classically high. So while you won’t experience a classic THC high, you won’t necessarily feel perfectly sober either. As a CBD isolate, shatter contains almost pure CBD, providing users with a potent and straightforward dose. Bear in mind that you won’t get to experience the entourage effect with an isolate. Shatter is an excellent product for experienced dabbers, but newbies might find it difficult to break up smoothly.

Cannabigerol, or CBG, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid typically most abundant in low-THC and high-CBD cannabis strains, including hemp. Like THC, CBG reacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. CBG works to fight inflammation, pain, nausea and works to slow the proliferation of cancer cells.